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Security Consultant, Risk Analyst & Writer


Dick spent his formative years in the Parachute Regiment where he learned the art of soldiering in one of the world’s most elite units. Using his military skills he entered into the elusive world of Private Security, working in Iraq, Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.

Over the last decade he has been at the tip of the spear, experiencing at first hand the effects of the might of the Western military machine and its attempt to win the War on Terror. Dick has studied Security & Risk Management at the world renown Scarmen Centre of Criminology, Leicester University, and is currently reading a masters degree in Terrorism, at St Andrew’s University Centre for the Study Political Violence & Terrorism.  As a freelance consultant he worked for many organisations and is always looking for the next challenging assignment.

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Rear of the tanker showing the neat hole from the magnetic IED

Terrorist or Thief?

Acts of violence need to have a political context in order for them to be officially classified…