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Richard spent his formative years in the Parachute Regiment where he learned the art of soldiering in one of the world’s most elite units.

Using his military skills he entered into the elusive world of Private Security, working in Iraq, Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.

Over the last decade he has been at the tip of the spear, experiencing at first hand the effects of the might of the Western military machine and its attempt to win the War on Terror. Richard has studied Security & Risk Management at the world renown Scarmen Centre of Criminology, Leicester University, and is currently reading a masters degree in Terrorism, at St Andrew’s University Centre for the Study Political Violence & Terrorism. As a freelance consultant he worked for many organisations and is always looking for the next challenging assignment.



Damascus Road: The Turning Point Coming Soon

Mason, unable to cope with the loss of his family is forced to resign from the SAS.

With his life over, he is enticed into the cut throat security industry in Iraq by an old comrade who forces him into a suicidal mission. His team is attacked and two of his men are taken hostage. Mason escapes with the help of a mysterious Arab cult, who are custodians of an ancient ‘secret’ kept deep within the Basrah Marshes. Blamed and discredited, he races against time to free his men, unaware that his journey to Damascus and down the great Euphrates, echoes’ in the footsteps of the ‘secret’ and its guardian – a Crusading knight. The torment of the two warriors unfolds their destinies’ entwined, as each searches for redemption.

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